Dog food company seeks SaaS partnerships

Our innovative approach to app development might make us the perfect technical co-founders to take your idea to market

What we offer

Experienced Technical Co-Founders

We are a product agency that partners with exceptional people and companies with ready access to hungry markets to turn their ideas into profitable businesses

Idea to Profit Express Lane
Our robust toolkit and optimized workflow lets us bring apps to market in a fraction of the usual time
Fully Managed Products
Our partners focus on what they do best and let us handle all the technology
Business Know-How
We can provide a CEO to handle all the "business stuff" for partners who lack that experience

How we work

Perfectly Aligned Incentives

Web development agencies and their clients exist in a perpetual state of friction because they need fundamentally different things from the relationship.

Why do we call ourselves a dog food company?

From Wikipedia: "Eating your own dog food or "dogfooding" is the practice of using one's own products or services. This can be a way for an organization to test its products in real-world usage using product management techniques."

Our dog food is our superpower. We have a growing suite of products and services that we use internally to reduce cost and increase speed and when each piece is refined and ready for the market, we make it available to other developers and agencies.

In a traditional agency / client relationship, the client is primarily concerned with speed to market and cost. The agency is primarily concerned maximizing its margin on the contract. While plenty of wonderful agencies and top shelf clients work successfully to navigate those sometimes conflicting needs, we prefer an arrangement in which all stakeholders are perfectly aligned in their mission.

  • Built In House Rather than clients, we take on equity partners who jointly own projects with us. We cover the cost of application development, hosting, and maintenance while our partners focus on engaging with their markets.
  • Optimized For Speed We work with a tech stack that is optimized for both rapid prototyping and hardened production applications, allowing us to move fast without wasted effort.
  • A Complete Package From day one, our projects include all the tooling needed to grow and scale, from database analytics all the way to customer service.

If you have a long history of proven success doing business in a market and want to explore new avenues for monetizing those relationships, we'd love to talk to you.